Gacha Resort

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Have fun with these mini-games alongside different anime characters


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Gacha Resort is a complete and fun role-playing game that invites you to enjoy doing all kinds of activities alongside more than 140 different anime characters.

One of the best parts of Gacha Resort is its mini-games. You can choose whether to surf, play volleyball, split watermelons in half, or a bunch of other activities. You can even adjust the degree of difficulty of each game or check the guidelines to answer any question you may have.

As is usual in this type of title, Gacha Resort offers the possibility to manage your team as you wish (but, you do have to accumulate all the points required). Also, each character can be customized to your liking. This means that you can change their hairstyles, hair and eye color, as well as their clothes and shoes. Plus, you gradually prepare them to fight their enemies.

Gacha Resort offers a bunch of ways to can enjoy the game alongside anime characters. In fact, you not only discover stories or mini-games but also focus on fighting your opponents in the challenging 'adventure mode'.